Koto and Shamisen
Garei Nakagawa


  • 2024.4.19
    Lecture Concert at Bunkyo, a language school in Madrid. For more details, please click here.
  • 2024.4.17
    Lecture Concert at Universidad Complutense in Madrid. For more details, please click here.
  • 2024.4.11
    We held a concert with viola da gambe at a church in Vienna. For more details, please click here.
  • 2024.4.7
    Performed at the Japanese Spring Festival at Cottingbrunn Castle in Baden. For more information, please click here.
  • 2022.10.22
    We held an online discussion connecting with the world from 7 p.m. (Japan time). Thank you very much for your participation. It was very enjoyable. Stay tuned for the sequel. The PV can be viewed here, and the recorded video of the discussion can be found here.
  • 2021.9.20
    We are involved in the production of a webinar project called "Exploring Japanese Music" aimed at foreigners. Please take a look.
  • 2021.6.27
    In addition to the Minami-Urawa classroom, we have opened classes in Urawa, Mitaka, and Kazo. For more details, please inquire.
  • 2020.5.5
    I started online lessons using Skype and Zoom.
  • 2020.1.29
    Videos of students introducing their classrooms in English, Spanish, and French are now available. For more details, please see here. Thank you Bobby and Sonia!!!
  • 2019.12.25
    I had my photo taken by Rara, a wading photographer, who is a student from Canada. Please see photo page for details.
  • 2017.1.28
    Trial lesson will be charged.

Classroom Information

Classroom is located in Minami-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture (nearest station JR Minami Urawa), and is a koto and shamisen class of the Ikuta-style.Conveniently accessible from Tokyo.In addition to the Minami-Urawa branch, we have opened branches in Urawa, Mitaka, and Kazo. Please refer to the map here for details or contact us.

Beginners as well as advanced and certified individuals are all welcome. We offer instruction in classical, "Jiuta", and modern music. We also provide guidance for those preparing for the Associate Master and Master examinations. Instruction for the traditional music ensemble "Rein-kai" is also available, and we are currently recruiting members.

Please contact us at info@garei.org or 048-839-6654.

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About Lessons

  • Private lessons, basically.
  • Monday-Saturday 9:00-20:00 (basically excluding Sundays and holidays).
  • Instruments can be rented for practice at home (for a fee).
  • It is also possible to practice in a standing position.
  • Lessons are not based on a monthly fee system, but on a frequency system.
  • Online lessons via Zoom are also available.
  • Trial lesson is available! Please feel free to contact us!
Kids(Under 12 years old) 2,500 yen/40min
Beginners 3,500 yen/1hour
Intermediates 4,000 yen/1hour
Licensed players 4,500 yen/1hour
1 time lesson/month 5,000 yen/1hour
Maintenance fee (Class instrument) 1,000 yen/month
Entry fee 5,000 yen
Trial lesson 1,000 yen
※Please contact me about pair lessons.

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Inquiries about classes and applications for trial lessons are accepted by phone or e-mail in both English and Japanese. Please contact me at the following address.