Garei Nakagawa Koto Music Samples

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Sample movie of 2nd Nakagawa Garei Koto Shamisen Concert.

Quartet Concerto2
(Youtube Movie)

On October 22, 2022 at 19:00 Japan time, we held an online discussion connecting with the world. Here is the video recording.

(Youtube Movie)

This is a PV of the Japanese Music Online Discussion.

Princess Mononoke (Youtube Movie)

2 Kinds of Shamisen Sonata 3rd Movement (Youtube Movie)

Kogarashi (Youtube Movie)

Sample movie of Nakagawa Garei Koto Shamisen Concert.

Hyakkafu (Youtube Movie)

Sample movies of SaCLa Arts Concert.

Yachiyojishi (Youtube Movie)

Genroku Hanami Odori (Youtube Movie)

Sample movie and audio files of Japanese Koto music played in Reon Ensemble Concert.

Sigure (Youtube Movie)
  • Description : One of Koto etudes for beginners. Playing Koto with singing a song is one of important skills. It takes a long time to master Koto. But beginners can make a sound soon after learing Koto and can enjoy the preasure of playing.
  • 1st Koto player : 6 years old girl
  • 2nd Koto player : Garei Nakagawa

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  • Description : Koto duet composed by Michio Miyagi. Long days ago in Japan, women beetled clothes with wooden mallet(Kinuta) after washing clothes. Since hard cloth like hemp were used for old clothes in Japan, beetling was important work of women. This music express the sound of wooden mallet, or Kinuta. Learning Koto is not only playing Koto, but also learning such tradinal Japanese culture.
  • 1st Koto player : Garei Nakagawa
  • 2nd Koto player : Mr. Utanoichi Okuda

Buyou Kumikyoku
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    • Description : Koto duet composed by Kouzaburou Hirai. Its arrange has European flavor comparing traditional Koto music. 2nd Koto player is my Austrian friend who met in Concert in Vienna.
    • 1st Koto player : Mr. Martin Derka
    • 2nd Koto player : Garei Nakagawa
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