Frequently Asked Questions

How many foreign students belong to ?

About 10 foreign students at present. They have various nationalites and cultural backgrouds and are enjoying communication with domestic students.

Rule of the time and the frequency of lessons ?

The time of a lesson is fixed as 60 minuites. The frequency is not limited, but 3 to 4 times per month are recommended to improve the skill efficiently.

What kind of things should be purchased by beginners ?

Textbooks and tools without the instrument should be purchased and their cost will be about ¥8,000. The instrument, Koto or Shamisen, can be rent with reasonable price in my school.

How can I reserve lessons ?

E-Mail or telephone call. The reservation can be changed before the previous day of reserved day.

Does a foreiner can take a license ?

YES, actually my foreign students had taken it ! Please try.

Other activities

I and members have many experiences of the play in restaurants, parties, weddings and company's receptions. Please ask me, I will be able to arrage any kind of Japanese traditional sessions.