Frequently Asked Questions

Voice of students

  • By an American student in English.
  • By an American student in Spanish.
  • By a French student in English.
  • By a French student in Fench.
  • How many foreign students belong to ?

    About 10 students at present. They have various nationalites and cultural backgrouds and are enjoying communication with domestic students.

    Rule of the time and the frequency of lessons ?

    The time of a lesson is fixed as 60 minuites. The frequency is not limited, but 3 to 4 times per month are recommended to improve the skill efficiently.

    What kind of things should be purchased by beginners ?

    Textbooks and tools without the instrument should be purchased and their cost will be about \8,000. The instrument, Koto or Shamisen, can be rent with reasonable price in my school.

    How can I reserve lessons ?

    E-Mail or telephone call. The reservation can be changed before the previous day of reserved day.

    Does a foreiner can take a license ?

    YES, actually my foreign students had taken it ! Please try.

    Other activities

    I and members have many experiences of the play in restaurants, parties, weddings and company's receptions. Please ask me, I will be able to arrage any kind of Japanese traditional sessions.

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